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We are specialists in curving and angling radiators tailored to fit bay windows.

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the only company in the UK providing curved top grills


With rising gas bills it’s now even more important to place your radiator correctly to ensure maximum heat efficiency. Research shows that radiators are best placed in the coldest part of the room. In most cases this is under the window hence placing the radiator under the window not only ensures best heat efficiency but also places the radiator where it is unlikely to be obstructed by furniture e.g. sofa or cabinets.

For an even more impressive finish you can add a radiator top grill onto your curved or angled radiator. This is custom made to fit on either curved or angled radiators allowing you to retain the original look of the radiator.

We are the only company in the UK providing curved top grills.

Obtain instant prices from our wide range of sizes for bay window radiators and see just how low our prices are.
For further information about our products contact our sales teams on 07960 222 252.

Curved Radiators

Curved radiators can be custom fabricated to fit the specific dimensions of a curved bay window area. The shape is in the form of an arc.

curved radiators

Angled Radiators

Angled radiators are custom designed to fit your specific bay window dimensions. The number of angles can range from between 2 and 6.

angled radiators

Heated Towel Rails

The purpose built towel radiator allows for the effective and stylish heating and drying of towels providing a comforting luxury for any household.

towel rail
  • Tailoring quality radiators to your needs


Just would like to say “Thank you” for a quality product, delivered in super quick time at a fair & reasonable price.

To order a product and receive it, with excellent service and no hassle or problems is a rare commoditiy these days.

Well done to you and your team.

Mr Ron Brown


Our new curved radiator arrived yesterday and I cannot speak highly enough of your product, the level of service and your company.

One of your staff even called us yesterday evening to make sure that no damage had occurred during transit (it hadn’t!) and that we were happy with the delivery and the product itself.

Sheila Stickland


A big thank you to Shiv Radiators for the radiator that you have just “curved” for my bedroom. The radiator fits perfectly and looks great. You delivered on every point and you kept me informed of the progress of the job throughout the process.

I would not hesitate to recommend
Shiv Radiators.


Golders Green

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