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Ordering a custom made bay window radiator couldn't be easier.

Just follow the simple steps below.

Please note: If you are outside M25 then we can only deliver radiators up to certain lengths and height.
On 300 height radiators the maximum length is 2.7 metres
On 400 height radiators the maximum length is 2.4 metres
On 500 & 600 height radiators the maximum length is 2.2 metres
If you require a radiator longer than this and are outside M25, then we are happy for you to collect the radiator from our workshop premises.

Click the steps below to expand.
Do you know what size radiator you require for your room? Use the BTU calculator to help work out how much heat output is required for the room size.
Now that you know what size radiator you require, you can get an instant online quote
If you wish to proceed with the order then we require you to make a template of the bay area. You can do this by using wallpaper backing paper or something similar. Click here for step by step instructions to help you make a template. Then fold the template up (no need to put into a tube) and put into a large envelope.
Please write the following details on the template

• Your full Name
• Your full Address
• Your Contact Number
• Brand of Radiator ordered
• Length/Height of radiator ordered
• State whether the template was taken from the plaster finish or skirting board. If it was taken from the skirting board then please write the thickness of the skirting board on the template.

Then simply post the template to:
Shiv Radiators Ltd, 232 Headstone Lane, Harrow, HA2 6LY

When we receive the template we will contact you to obtain payment details. All major credit/debit cards are accepted.
When the radiator fabrication is complete we will contact you to organise a suitable day for delivery of your radiator
Your radiator is now ready to be dispatched

We are specialists in curving and angling radiators tailored to fit bay windows.

With rising gas bills it’s now even more important to place your radiator correctly
to ensure maximum heat efficiency. Research shows that radiators are best
placed in the coldest part of the room. In most cases this is under the window
hence placing the radiator under the window not only ensures best heat efficiency
but also places the radiator where it is unlikely to be obstructed by
furniture e.g. sofa or cabinets.

For an even more impressive finish you can add a radiator top grill onto your
curved or angled radiator. Once again this is custom made to fit on either curved
or angled radiators allowing you to retain the original look of the radiator.

We are the only company in the UK providing curved top grills.

Obtain a quote online to see just how low our prices are or contact our Sales line
for more info on 07960 222 252.

Contact us if you are unsure whether you need a curved radiator or an angled
radiator for your bay window.

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We can also supply flat radiators at a very competitive price (only within M25). Please note that we only fabricate single convector radiators. Note we stop angled radiator fabrication from Monday 23rd November and resume production in Feb 2016.

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